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has many uses, both domestic and industrial. It is used not only as a component of food. The cosmetic industry has long used it as a base for some preparations and as an additive to talc (in itself it is already a highly recommended drying agent for sensitive skin). It is also used in soaps and masks and is a much appreciated natural exfoliant. It is also a component of some skin tanning preparations. At the food level, its use is multiplying and new properties are being discovered every year. Rice flour is one of the basic ingredients for pastries, cakes and bread. Apart from many qualities that other flours cannot offer, the absence of gluten is one of the basic components of foods for celiacs or people sensitive to gluten. It has been used to make tempura and batter since time immemorial due to its low absorption of oil. This results in a crunchy outer layer and far fewer calories than the equivalent with, for example, wheat flour.
Rice flour
Recently, a group of Swedish scientists

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