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Nameabdirestu787 (m)

Date13-03-2020 10:38



Halo, panggil saya abdi. Saya telah mencari informasi tentang Virus CORONA terbaru dan hasilnya adalah, Indonesia telah menemukan obat tradisional untuk mencegah penyakit mematikan yang sedang hits tersebut.

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Name918kiss apk (v)

Date12-03-2020 14:10

CityNew Zeland


Hello, My name is 918kiss and I lived in Japan. My Hobby is exploring the forest because going to forest can clear all my stress in work or social life. my Official website . Thank you !

NameMonica Lin Brown (v)

Date02-12-2013 18:27


This is great and may God bless men and woman who is in charge of this.

My special regard to Mr Brima David.

NameRia Staal. (v)

Date18-02-2013 16:52


Hallo Brima en medewerkers.
Een hele goede website.
Dus een complimentje en pluim voor de webmaster!!.
Veel succes met de stichting!!
Ria Staal.

NameJose (v)

Date12-12-2011 22:54

This is a very good project. It is nice that someone took the initiative to rebuilt the country in the agryculture. It gives a lot of work for the people there. They can say: we did it ourselve. its a very good job!

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