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NameZacharia Dainkeh (m)

Date03-12-2011 23:26


This is a wonderful project that will empower the youths and local farmers in Sierra Leone, we applaud all those who are involved, the local community in Newton, Waterloo and beyond appreciate very much the sponsorship and enthusiastic champions of this project, we thank you so much.

NameArnold Staal (m)

Date16-06-2010 15:54


Hey Brima,
Het werk is klaar. De website is bijgewerkt.
Nieuwe banner(s) meer nieuws, foute koppelingen e.d. hersteld.
Succes met de verdere activiteiten in Sierra Leone.
Ik zie en spreek je wel weer
M.v.gr. Arnold (webmaster)


Date17-09-2009 04:42

This is an excellent start.

NameKabba Alpha (m)

Date23-07-2009 21:51


Very impressed with the the work the project is doing for our people in Sierra Leone to be self-reliant. I admire the courage and belief of the project leaders, particularly Brima Kanu, that leading by example ensures total engagement FOR higher heights. My prayers are with you for success and prosperity.

Namemohamed sesay (v)

Date24-01-2009 21:45


hallo uncle kanu may the good lord bless you for the good work that you are doing to help youth that are job less in that country,i pray that God will bless you abudantly for your iniciative.

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