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There are plenty of technical problems faced by Yahoo users when using their Yahoo account and it is almost difficult to say that what issue will come. However, it never matters about the issues because users can fix the issues with the help of the Yahoo technical support team.

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Visit canon’s official site – www.istartsetup.com/ij-canon-ts31... and Download appropriate software and drivers one windows PC. You can also go to www.sites.google.com/a/setups.gre... and use the “TS3122” name to get the latest software. Or if you have a CD, install it. www.cijstartcanone.org/ is the manufacturer's site to download Canon printer drivers. The setup process for every Canon model is almost similar, however the download through www.istartsetup.com/https-ij-star... and www.sites.google.com/a/setups.gre... installation process may differ. Install and set up Canon Printer from ij.start.canon and obtain high-quality printing documents


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Visit canon’s official site – ij.start.canon/ts3122 and download appropriate software and drivers one windows PC.

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