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NameMonica Lin Brown (v)

Date02-12-2013 18:27


This is great and may God bless men and woman who is in charge of this.

My special regard to Mr Brima David.

NameRia Staal. (v)

Date18-02-2013 16:52


Hallo Brima en medewerkers.
Een hele goede website.
Dus een complimentje en pluim voor de webmaster!!.
Veel succes met de stichting!!
Ria Staal.

NameJose (v)

Date12-12-2011 22:54

This is a very good project. It is nice that someone took the initiative to rebuilt the country in the agryculture. It gives a lot of work for the people there. They can say: we did it ourselve. its a very good job!

NameZacharia Dainkeh (m)

Date03-12-2011 23:26


This is a wonderful project that will empower the youths and local farmers in Sierra Leone, we applaud all those who are involved, the local community in Newton, Waterloo and beyond appreciate very much the sponsorship and enthusiastic champions of this project, we thank you so much.

NameArnold Staal (m)

Date16-06-2010 15:54


Hey Brima,
Het werk is klaar. De website is bijgewerkt.
Nieuwe banner(s) meer nieuws, foute koppelingen e.d. hersteld.
Succes met de verdere activiteiten in Sierra Leone.
Ik zie en spreek je wel weer
M.v.gr. Arnold (webmaster)

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